Your events in Poznań

Here there are some of our proposals.

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The king's banquet with history show

Imagine, you are the Cinderella, taken for a ball. A bus will immediately change into a carriage and you will turn into an elegant courtier.

As soon as you set your foot on the pavement, you will find yourself submerged in a different, medieval world. Here sword and saber fights were not rare, the way was lighted by a fire, lute and a harp were the romantic background of intrigues and romances, and the tables bended under the numerous dishes and drinks.

You will travel in time, meet jugglers and knights, hear the swords clang too close to you… You will become part of the past, discover the times of first Polish rulers and nobleman. 

Traditional polish banquet gives a great opportunity to taste a lot of traditional dishes and to raise your glass. The way to the restaurant will stay in your memories for a long time . A professional guide dressed in a historical dress will keep you company during the whole feast, sharing his knowledge of traditional polish cuisine and together with the atmospheric musical background created by ancient instruments will make you feel part of the history.

  • Event place: Ostrów Tumski w Poznaniu
  • Duration: 3 h
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XIX century fort event

Would you like to take part in a team game in an exceptional scenery of XIX century Prussian fort?

Huge brick corridors, a labyrinth of barracks, armored doors. Infirmary where all hands on deck are needed! You may need to change the bedding, perhaps resuscitate someone or prepare some food?

When all the teams happily finish after fulfilling some soldier duties, they can enjoy a great barbecue and try some shooting laser simulator.

You can also choose from the wide variety of different kinds of attractions as:

  • Guided 1,5h fort tour
  • Professional DJ, music and lights
  • Laser tag, ASG, VR or bows
  • Degustation of some kinds of craft beer

Here everything is possible, tell us what you need and we will prepare this for you and your Guests.

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  • We will adjust our offer to what you need

Exceptional guided tour with a guide dressed in a historical gown

I Tour: The Cathedral Island - Princess from the swamps, St Peter's Sword, family scandal and some problems with ice

Travel through time and discover the oldest place in Poland thanks to the colourful stories by your guide dressed in a historical gown.

What have the chroniclers written? What were the discoveries of the archeologists? Learn about the secrets of Ostrow Tumski Cathedral Island where “Mother of Polish Cathedrals” was raised in Xth century and where the first kings of Poland have been buried. 

Exceptional guided tour with a guide dressed in a historical gown (and a folk band)

II Tour: Around Old Market Square - spicy city anegdots and legends

Travel through time and discover the oldest place in Poland thanks to the colourful stories by your guide in a historical gown.

Which were the entertainments of the city architect in Renaissance times? Why the king who made Poznan a capital city was unlucky with women? How  the two goats made a spectacular career? What has the main parish church of Poznan to do with swedish ships? And far more stories are waiting for you to hear them.

  • Contact us for pricing
  • Duration of each tour: 1,5-2h

City game with traditional drink and patato

Why “Patato” story is included in this game? In Poznań we call those worldwide known vegetables in a very exceptional name: “Pyry”. That is why the whole Poland call us – the citizens of Poznan – with that word.

A little bit of competition in the Old Town area is a perfect opportunity to both integrate your team and acknowledge your Guests with what’s  most tipical for Poznań.

What is awaiting  you?

  • Play a quiz in at a historical exposition in old merchant house cellars of the Patato Museum
  • Some street competition, a bit of math and manual skills test
  • Culinary quiz with degustation of traditional snack and drinks
  • A lot of fun!
  • Professional guide will take care of you during the whole game.
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